HSMT 2018: Fort Smith, AR

Information for HSMT 2018

World Changers: Parent FAQ

What will my kids be doing?

Your student will be serving a community by working on someone’s home, through partnership with a local church planter, or through ministry in an urban context. Construction projects allow students to serve through painting, siding replacement, replacement of windows/doors, interior repairs, building wheelchair ramps and more! At Church Planting projects, students will serve through block parties, door to door surveying, Vacation Bible School, community garden volunteering, sports camps, and more! At Urban projects, students will serve at local organizations, as well as learn about ministry from practitioners serving in cross-cultural and diverse socio-economic settings. 

Where will they be staying?

Lodging facilities are typically either high school campuses or churches where participants sleep on air mattresses (brought by them), eat in the cafeteria, and have evening gatherings in the auditorium. Shower facilities are used there or are provided by portable shower units. 

What about safety?

Safety is a high priority at World Changers! All of our Construction projects have a First Aid Coordinator and Church Planting/Urban projects have a First Aid Certified staff member on site. World Changers conducts background checks on all of their staff members working at the project and all group leaders are responsible for conducting background checks on their adult chaperones that attend. We work with local law enforcement agencies to inform them of World Changers volunteers serving and residing in the community for the week. Many times they increase patrols around the lodging facility as an added measure of security.

What if my child does not have insurance?

Although highly recommended it is not required that students be insured in order to attend. World Changers provides LIMITED supplemental accident insurance for each participant. This policy does not cover anything related to illness (strep throat, appendicitis, etc.) and any medical expenses are the responsibility of the guardian.

What if my child has never been away from home before?

We would advise working alongside your child’s group leader to help set expectations and prepare them for their trip ahead of them. In addition, try to plan out a system of communication that will allow you to stay in touch with your child, while still respecting the group leader’s cell phone policy. Another great way to stay in touch with your child is through our online E-Couragram system. This allows you to write and send encouraging messages to your child that are printed and delivered to them at the project.

All of our staff are well-trained and prepared to assist with any issues or problems that your child may encounter while away from home. Continue to pray with, and for your child as they are thinking about or planning on attending one of our projects. With your support, we know that the Lord will use your child to do great things for the community and city that they will be serving in!

How do I Sign my Student up?

There are two forms that students need to have filled out for the HSMT trip to Fort Smith.

  1. Hard copy or online registration form for FBC
  2. Hard copy form for World Changers (Must be Notarized)

Both forms can be found online or in the youth room