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“Courageous Friends Who Live by Faith”

Key Scripture (Daniel 3:1-30)

Introduction: Daniel 3 demonstrates courageous faith in action. It pictures a definitive faith decision. It is by no means a cute children’s story. This Scripture teaches us to live like God can be trusted. Despite the very real threat of death, Daniel’s three courageous friends exercise an amazing faith in God!


    The Book of Daniel is... the revelation of the sovereignty of God in

                                             action (on display)!

    Sovereignty is... the gracious rule/reign of God over His Kingdom, and

                                in our lives.

    Courage is... acting on my belief in a sovereign, trustworthy, gracious   

                           God! (Courage = Devotion + Obedience)


 Courageous Friends Who Live by Faith

Courage to stand-


Courage to speak-



Courage to die (or live)-


Who’s the 4th guy and why?