Coming Back Together

It has been great to be able to worship with everyone by Facebook and KYOO radio.

Moving forward, we want everyone to be safe in worship. To that end, the Polk County Health Center has sent out some recommendations for churches, and our Church Leadership Council is working with these to bring our church physically back together. 

We are currently planning to begin meeting for worship again on May 24. We have adjusted service times (8:00am | 9:30am | 11:00am) and lengths to allow for families to attend with cleaning between each service. We are asking for core groups to continue as you have been or meet off campus for now with continued physical distancing. We ask that you pick a service and come only 15 minutes before that service. The chart below will show more of how we are addressing areas of ministry. We will make changes as we are able. This is not where we want to be, however this is a step forward to get to where we want to be. But what a blessing it will be to see and hear us worship our Lord together in the same place again.

Also, we will continue with Facebook live stream and KYOO radio. We will not be having Nursery or Kids classes during this first phase. 

Following these steps will help keep us all safe and move us towards meeting together in a more “normal” manner in the future. If you have questions, please call the church office at 417-326-2431 or email at