Falls Creek 2023: Student Summer Camp

July 24-28 | $175/student

What is Falls Creek?

Falls Creek Youth Camp exists to support local church efforts to reach lost students in their communities and to raise up a generation of teenagers with an authentic walk with God and who actively share their faith.

The yearly theme is selected from a three-year cycle emphasizing root issues in the Christian student’s journey:

(1) Knowing the Character and Nature of God

(2) Spiritual Disciplines

(3) Evangelism

The morning schedule is designed for believers. We hope to challenge them to walk with God, share their faith in Christ more consistently, and to know God more deeply through relevant worship and creative Biblical teaching. The afternoon schedule is designed to involve students in a myriad of activities which engage them physically, socially, and spiritually. These activities are designed to help students interact with one another in both fun and contemplative ways. During the evening tabernacle services on Tuesday through Friday nights, the gospel will be clearly presented and students will be provided with an opportunity to respond.

Throughout the week of camp, there is a high priority on Scripture, worship, relationships within the local church, and opportunities for students and sponsors to sharpen their skills and prepare to consistently serve God after camp.

This years theme is: Choose

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to walk in him, being rooted and built up in him, established in the faith just as you were taught, and overflowing with gratitude.” Colossians 2:6-7

Each year, the emphasis of Falls Creek Youth Camp follows a rotation of evangelism, the character & nature of God, and spiritual disciplines. This year, we will explore spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. In Christ we are:


Trust and take hold of Jesus.


Walk-in obedience and come away from the world.


Seek to be like Christ.


Give your life to God out of gratitude.

When: July 24th - 28th

Cost: $175