Sunday Morning Kids Classes Registration

9:30 Classes birth-5th grade / 11:00 Birth-4 Year Old Care

Online Registration closes at noon on Saturdays. Please email Missy ( for available spots.

We are pleased to share that we will soon begin our re-entry into children’s ministry. Phase 2.5 will start with FBC's youngest. Here are the details: 

Guidelines for these classes

  • Limit of 10 people to a room—including leaders
  • Pre registration required—on website or call into office 417-326-2431
  • Only one parent taking child to class and picking up
  • Child must be fever free (temp check) and has not been expose to Covid or has any symptoms
  • Staggered pick up—physical distance pick up spaces
  • Regular hand washing
  • One door for entry, and one door for exit to each kids area
  • Masks welcome and encouraged

Preliminary information for parents:


  • Be proactive in making sure your child is fever free and has no symptoms of sickness before coming to church. We will take temps of all children coming into kids classes
  • Only allow your children to come to the nursery, toddler, or Pre-K classroom if they are completely well, i.e., they have no cough, runny nose, cold, or fever, etc. 
  • Stay at home if you or your children have been exposed to COVID in the last two weeks, even if none of you exhibit symptoms. 
  • If you want your children to wear masks, they may do so. 
  • Label your child's diaper bag, sippy cup, etc. with his/her name. 
  • If you are not yet comfortable with your babies, toddlers, and/or preschoolers going to their usual children's ministry areas, your children may continue to stay in the sanctuary with you. 
  • K-5th graders may stay in the sanctuary with you.

To promote a healthy environment, the church is making the following accommodations

  • The children's rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after church. Cleaning procedures will be posted. 
  • The nursery & toddler rooms will be staffed with at least two workers in each room. 
  • Children's ministry workers are encouraged to wear masks. 
  • The number of toys, books, and other manipulatives in each room will be limited. No personal toys, etc., from home will be allowed. 
  • Please understand that it will not be possible for workers to keep babies or toddlers six feet apart from each other, but every effort will be made to maintain as much distance from one another as possible.

We know that some parents in our church are extremely glad that their children are able to resume going to the nursery, toddler room, etc. We also understand that some parents do not yet feel comfortable with that.

Whether you choose to keep your children at home or in the sanctuary with you, or let them go to their classes, we respect your decision as a parent to do what you feel is best for your family.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon! If you have any questions please contact Missy Vestal at