The Exchange

First Baptist College Ministry

Sunday Morning Schedule

8:00am The Encounter (Band Led, Esquire Theater)

9:15am College Core Group (White House)

9:15am The Encounter (Band Led, Esquire Theater)

10:50am Blended Worship (Choir & Orchestra Led, Worship Center)

10:50am The Encounter (Band Led, Esquire Theater)

Sunday Nights for College Students

The Exchange Bible Study is hosted on the 2nd Floor of the Recreational Building every Sunday at 6:30pm! We want to encourage each other and provide an outlet for students to connect and work through hardships.

Want text updates about College Bible Study, Coffee Night, or Game Night? Sign up now! Just text "@fbcbex" to the number 81010!

Every Sunday lovely volunteers from our church community make a home-cooked meal to treat our college students. They meet in the Fellowship Hall at 7:30pm!

Thursday Nights for College Students

We love to feed our college students! What a better way than late night pancakes? Most students will come over after Locamente at SBU and enjoy a night of fellowship with friends!

Want updates on FREE FOOD? Just text "@fbcbfood" to the number 81010! You will receive updates for College Dinners and Pancake Nights!

Calendar for Upcoming College Events