Hebrews: Anchored In Christ Series Pt. 1 (9:30)

August 21, 2022 - September 25, 2022 Encounter Service

9:30 Service 9/25/22

9:30am 9/25/22 ”A Better Hope” (Adam Hughes)

Series Title: Anchored in Christ

Text: Hebrews 7:1-28

Sermon Title: "A Better Hope"

I) A Perpetual Priesthood (vv. 1-10)

II) A Greater Guarantee (vv. 11-22)

III) The Superior Son (vv. 23-28)

Spiritual Principle: We have assurance of a better hope by which we draw near to God because Jesus, as the Son, possesses an eternal and perfect High Priesthood.

Application: So if you are in Christ . . .

  1. Stop worrying . . . about your salvation.
  2. Stop wondering . . . if you have access to the Father.
  3. Stop waiting . . . to share with others who need this hope too.

9:30 9/18/22 Service

9:30am 9/18/22 “Pressing On in Christ Our Anchor” (Adam Hughes)

Text: Hebrews 5:11 - 6:20

Series Title: “Anchored in Christ” 

Sermon Title: “Pressing On in Christ Our Anchor"

I) The Condition of Those Who Do Not Press On (5:11 - 6:8)

II) The Confidence for Believers to Be Able to Press On (6:9-20)

Spiritual Principle: We are called not to regress nor stand still in our faith but to press on to maturity because of the hope of Christ, who is our anchor.



  1. Because of God’s steadfastness, we do not own a worry over loss of salvation but possess an anchor assuring us of salvation. 
  2. Therefore, with patience and endurance look for and eagerly anticipate receiving His promises.
  3. And press on in Christ for maturity in the way you think, the way you believe, and the way you live.
9:30am 9/11/22 Service

9/11/22 9:30am ”In Our Hour of Need” (Adam Hughes)

Text: Hebrews 4:14 - 5:10

Series Title: “Anchored in Christ” 

Sermon Title: “In Our Hour of Need"

I) The Command for a Confident Approach (4:14-16)

II) The Qualification of an Effective Priest (5:1-4)

III) The Commonality yet Completeness of Christ Our Priest (5:5-10)

Spiritual Principle: Because of Jesus’s perfect nature as our High Priest, we are invited to approach God with confidence to receive help in our hour of need.


  1. The Sorrow and Sympathy of Jesus.
  2. The Strength and Sanctification from Jesus.
9:30am 9/4/22 Service

9/4/22 9:30 “The Rest that Only Jesus Gives” (Adam Hughes)

Text: Hebrews 3:12 - 4:13

Series Title: “Anchored in Christ” 

Sermon Title: “The Rest that Only Jesus Gives”

I) The Hard Truth about Rest and Disbelief (3:12-19)

II) The Hope Today concerning Rest for Believers (4:1-10)

III) The “How To” of Rest which is Secured in Christ (4:11-13)


  1. Rest is not simply a metaphor for salvation but shows the relationship between salvation and continuing to walk with God.
  2. Rest is not a call to inactivity but instead to a special kind of activity.
  3. Ultimately, Rest is not found in a day nor a location.
  4. For us, Rest is found and fulfilled in a person — Jesus!

Spiritual Principle: Guard your heart against unbelief and disobedience so that you do not miss the rest that only Christ gives.

9:30am 8/28/22

Series Title: Anchored in Christ

Text: Hebrews 3:1-11

Sermon Title: "Jesus, the Faithful Son"

I) The Church is the House Built on the Faithful Foundation (vv. 1-6a

II) The Church is the House which has a Confidence and a Boast (v. 6b)

III) The Church is the House Called to Guard their Worship of a Holy God (vv. 7-11)

Spiritual Principle: The Church is the Lord’s Household built on the foundation of Christ, the Faithful Son of God.


  1. Jesus is the reason and the means by which we continue in the community of faith.
  2. Hold fast to the hope you have in Him but also continue to press on to maturity.
  3. Guard your personal fellowship with God but also regularly gather with your church for Christ-centered worship.
9:30 Encounter August 21, 2022

Series Title: Anchored in Christ

Text: Hebrews 2:5-18

Sermon Title: "The Merciful and Faithful High Priest"

I) Even in Our Weak State, God Cares For and Greatly Values Us (vv. 5-8)

II) In the Incarnation, Jesus Suffered but not without Purpose (vv. 9)

III) Jesus’s Suffering was Necessary and Provides Help for Us (vv. 10-18)

Spiritual Principle: Through the Incarnation, Jesus became our merciful and faithful High Priest. Jesus suffered in order to free us from the power and fear of death, the ultimate suffering of our soul.


  1. God notices your suffering.
  2. Your suffering is only temporary not permanent.
  3. Do not suffer alone, especially when facing the suffering that comes through temptation.
  4. Look to Jesus when you suffer, the One who Himself suffered and will come to your aid as your sympathetic High Priest.