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Following Jesus - a Disciple's Greatest Desire

“Jesus Stories - Picture the Kingdom and Get the Point”

Luke 12:13-21

Key Scripture (Luke 12:16, 21): “And he told them this parable ... This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.” 

Introduction: Jesus liked to tell stories to teach spiritual truths about the Kingdom. But, these are not cute children’s tales. Rather, Jesus pictures the Kingdom in ways which demand a response from the hearer. When Jesus story’s the Gospel, pay attention to what He wants for and from His followers.

Hear the Story - listen to the point of view: Questioner; Jesus; rich man


  • Jesus tells a parable in response to a man’s request for advocacy.
  • Jesus tells the story of a wealthy man with a myopic business plan.
  • Jesus unexpectedly ends the story tragically! 
  • Jesus warns about a life w/o God and a life selfishly focused on stuff.

Picture the Kingdom - How is the Kingdom pictured?

  • The Kingdom has an economy set by the King.
  • The Kingdom extends beyond now into eternity.
  • The Kingdom is about your relationship w/ God and other people.

Get the Point - What does it look like to be rich toward God?

·       Your soul’s worth greater than anything you can compare!

·       Greed (idolizing stuff) kills your soul by choking off relationships.

·       Your relationship with God is the point!

·       God’s grace to you will lead to extending grace to others.

Respond to Jesus - How will you respond to God’s demand on your soul?

 How will you strategically steward your resources for Kingdom purposes?