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   Grow in Godliness and Grace - an Expository Study of 2 Peter

                Warnings about False Prophets- Who Not to Follow (2:1-22)

                          “Being Shepherded in Dangerous Days” (2:10-22)

We will grow in godliness and grace when we know: who not to follow; and, recognize godly guidance for our spiritual growth.

Who Not to Follow- Identifying ungodly leadership traits (2:10-19):

Why does Peter give such a long list of traits? Intensity. Urgency. Danger!

Descriptive/Denouncement trait list- over-arching themes- Pride & Greed: 

* “follow the corrupt desires of the flesh” (v.10)- serve self and its desires

  • “despise authority” (v.10)- see themselves as the sole authority
  • “bold and arrogant” (v.10)- proudly speak w/o knowing; “slander” angels
  • “blasphemy” (v.12)- speak against revealed truth
  • “unreasoning” (v.12)- operate by instinct, not intellect
  • “reveling in their pleasure” (v.13)- pleasure seekers
  • “eyes full of adultery” (v.14)- lust, greed for personal satisfaction 
  • “never stop sinning” (v.14)- lifestyle, natural inclination 
  • “seduce the unstable” (v.14)- exploit, manipulate, abuse
  • “experts in greed” (v.14)- get all you can, then a lil more
  • “left the straightway and wandered off...” (v.15)- directionless 
  • “springs without water...” (v.16)- appearance w/o substance
  • “Blackest darkness is reserved for them” (v.17)- judgement awaits!
  • “mouth empty, boastful words...” (v.18)- appeal w/ empty promises
  • “promise freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity” (v.19)-

     [Peter corrects and rebukes- truth “hard but accurate” (J. Samra)]

Who to Follow: A Shepherd’s Warning in Dangerous Days (2:20-22)-


    Follow “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (v.20)- keep your faith real!

    Beware turning away/going back to “the corruption of the world” (v.20).

    Consider the dire consequences (vv.20-21)- “worse off... better not to 

          have known... turn their backs...”- “wolves in sheep’s clothing”

    Refuse to be the Proverb’s Fool (v.22; Prov. 26:11)! 2 ugly reality pics!